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Current sensors detect either an AC or DC electrical current and generate a signal that is proportional to the current being measured.

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Max Measurable Current

CSLA2CD SensorMaximum Measurable Current Rating is the highest value of current that a given sensor is capable of measuring accurately. A sensor with a given rating may be able to withstand higher current surges. However, the measurements may be nonlinear or clipped.

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CSLA2CD SensorClosed Loop Sensors offer fast response and excellent linearity. The current output of a closed loop sensor is less susceptible to electrical noise. These sensors are often preferred in high frequency circuits, such as switching power supplies, when quick response and noise immunity to high di/dts is critical.

Open Loop Sensors are preferred in battery powered applications such as electric cars. They take less power to operate, and above 100A, they are considerably lighter. They also have a higher ability to withstand sustained overloads than closed loop sensors. If cost is a primary consideration, the open loop sensors should be the first choice.

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CSLA2CD SensorOutput current under measurement is represented by either varying proportional voltage or current level.

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