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Microsemi's Analog Mixed Signal Group (AMSG) engineers high performance power management products differentiated for the most demanding applications. Learn more about supplier.

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Featured Product

3-String 5W LED Backlight Boost Driver Module

Microsemi Analog Mixed Signal 3-String 5W LED Backlight Boost Driver Module

LXMG1930-28-0x module is a boost white LED driver for medium size LCD LED backlight panels. It is designed to drive up to three strings of LEDs to a maximum of 35V at up to 50mA per string. The module consists of a boost converter and three programmable 15 to 50 mA precision current sinks. It is designed to work over a wide input voltage range (4.75V to 28V) providing maximum flexibility. However the converter is a boost only design requiring the input supply voltage to not exceed the output LED string voltage.

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