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IXYS Corporation offers a broad line of High Power Semiconductors, including low on-resistance Power MOSFETs, ultra fast switching IGBTs, Fast Recovery Diodes (FREDs), SCR and Diode Modules, Rectifier Bridges, and Power Interface ICs. Learn more about supplier.

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IC LED Driver

IXYS IC LED DriverIXYS' LDS8724 is a fixed frequency current mode boost converter with internal synchronous rectifier and cycle-by-cycle switch current limit specifically designed to drive a matrix of LEDs. Operation at 1MHz allows use of small value low profile inductor (10 – 33μH) and 1μF 50V ceramic capacitor. The LDS8724 has thermal shutdown set at 150°C. Above this value, the boost converter stops switching. The part resumes normal operations when temperature drops below 130°C.

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