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The FDK Group aims to contribute to the realization of an affluent electronics society by manufacturing and supplying electronic devices and batteries that satisfy customers needs. In keeping with our customer centric approach, FDK supplies products to increase value and function of our customers products. Learn more about supplier.

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Featured Product

Twicell Ni-MH

FDK America Twicell Ni-MHExcellent high-rate discharge performance and over-charge/over-discharge capability
FDK's original electrode manufacturing process coupled with specialized current collectors minimize internal impedance, which in turn enables high-rate discharging and guarantees a stable discharge voltage.

Wide-range line-up and interchangeability with standard dry cells
Customized assemblies are also available for a variety of applications and can be adjusted to accommodate specific space requirements.

Long cycle life and Economical (Dry cell compatible Twicell)
With discharge capacity virtually equal to that of conventional dry cells, FDK Twicell batteries offer the additional benefits of minimal internal resistance as well as outstanding discharge characteristics under high-rate discharge conditions. FDK Twicell batteries also have excellent storage characteristics. Even after long periods of storage, Twicell guarantees superior rates of recovery capacity, by extended charge/discharge cycles.

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