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Epson Electronics America Inc. display controllers reduce the load on the main CPU in drawing process. The original image processing engine performs high-speed drawing while achieving the industry’s top class low power consumption. Not only for LCD panels, the product lineup covers a wide spectrum of display devices ranging from electronic paper displays to NTSC/PAL standard TV screens. Epson can offer best solutions for embedded equipment, mobile terminals, automotive equipment and other applications. Learn more about supplier.

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LCD Controller

Epson Electronics LCD Controller The S1D13A05 is an LCD/USB solution designed for seamless connection to a wide variety of microprocessors. The S1D13A05 integrates a USB slave controller and an LCD graphics controller with an embedded 256K byte SRAM display buffer. The LCD controller supports all standard panel types and multiple TFT types eliminating the need for an external timing control IC. The S1D13A05 includes a Hardware Acceleration Engine to greatly improve screen drawing functions and the built-in USB controller provides revision 1.1 compliance for applications requiring a USB client. This high level of integration provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the demands of embedded markets requiring USB client support, such as Mobile Communications devices and Palm-size PCs.

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