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EnerSys is the worlds largest industrial battery manufacturer. A leader in both valve-regulated and flooded lead acid battery technologies, EnerSys is a major supplier to telecommunications, UPS, data processing, electronic, and material handling markets across the globe. Learn more about supplier.

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Featured Product

Cyclon Series

Enersys Cyclon Series

  • Resealable safety valve - A 50-PSI vent lets gases escape, then automatically reseals, so there’s no risk of excessive gas accumulation within the battery, or “dry out” failure from repeated recharges.
  • Pure lead plates - Made from 99.99% pure lead, CYCLON® battery plates are extremely thin, so they offer more surface area than conventional batteries – and far more power.
  • AGM plate separator - High-purity acid is absorbed right into the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) plate separators, so the CYCLON battery provides leak-proof operation in any position.
  • Steel can enclosure - The CYCLON battery’s metal outer jacket offers extreme shock, vibration, temperature, and flammability protection.

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