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Crystek Corporation® (Fort Myers, FL) has been providing frequency products since 1958, and has the broadest portfolio of frequency control technology in the industry including Quartz Crystals, Clock Oscillators, TCXOs, OCXOs, VCXOs, VCOs, and more. Learn more about supplier.

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PRO POWER Regulator

Crystek PRO POWER RegulatorCrystek's PRO POWER Series In-Line Regulators offer DC voltage regulation integrated in a rugged SMA housing. Simply connect the +6 Vdc wall adapter to the female SMA side using the adapter cable and it will output clean regulated DC at the specified voltage. Available off the shelf in 1.8Vdc, 2.5Vdc, 3.3Vdc and 5.0Vdc. Perfect for Lab use. 

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