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XMOS - XMOS® is the leading provider of multicore microcontrollers. The company's xCORE architecture is a truly unique technology that combines flexibility, ease-of-use and deterministic response. The xCORE family of 32-bit multicore microcontrollers offers core configurations ranging from 4 to 32 and optional analog and USB functionality.  xCORE is backed with xTIMEcomposer Studio, a best-in-class software development environment that delivers real-time performance from high-level software code, including full timing validation, simulation and code instrumentation. XMOS also provides xSOFTip, a comprehensive range of proven soft IP that can be used to configure xCORE devices, and sliceKIT, a modular development system that allows easy prototyping of embedded system concepts.  Learn more about supplier.

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XMOS XS1The XS1 family of devices are general-purpose, flexible devices that are programmed using an embedded software flow.  They enable the integration of control code, signal processing and custom interfacing without compromise to cost and power requirements.  XS1 devices are available in a wide range of package, performance and on-chip resource options.

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