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Freescale Semiconductor - Freescale Semiconductor designs and manufactures embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking and wireless markets. In the microcontroller market, Freescale offers a 4-bit and a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers. Additionally, an ARM 11 based and several ARM9 based microcontrollers are available from Freescale. Learn more about supplier.

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Featured Product

Featured Product

TWR-MCF51CN image

32-bit Kinetis MCUs represent the most scalable portfolio of ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCUs in the industry. The first phase of the portfolio consists of five MCU families with over 200 pin-, peripheral- and software compatible devices with outstanding performance, memory and feature scalability. Enabled by innovative 90nm Thin Film Storage (TFS) flash technology with unique FlexMemory (configurable embedded EEPROM), Kinetis features the latest low-power innovations and high performance, high precision mixed-signal capability. Kinetis MCUs are supported by a market-leading enablement bundle from Freescale and ARM 3rd party ecosystem partners.

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Eval Boards

Eval Boards

DEMOJM image

The DEMOJM is a low cost development system supporting Freescale MC9S08JM60 and MCF51JM128 64LQFP microcontrollers. It consists of a DEMOJM Base Board, a DC9S08JM60 Daughter Card and a DC51JM128 Daughter Card.

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Application Notes

Our application notes provide instructions and recommendations for a variety of products, all of which come directly from the supplier.

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Product Training

Product Training Module (PTM)

Created with the busy design engineer in mind, these product training tutorials are available in audio and non-audio versions. These unique tools facilitate faster time to market and make Digi-Key a true one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs.

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HC05 family MCU image

Considered a legacy device by Freescale, the 8-Bit HC05 family MCU features OTP program memory sizes of 1.2KB to 32KB, and processor speeds of 2.1MHZ and 4MHz. The series is available in several surface mount and through hole package variations.

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HC08 family of MCUs image

The HC08 family of MCUs is designed to meet many design needs, from its tiny 8-pin QFN to 64-pin quad flat packages, flash to ROM, and from 1 KB to 60 KB of memory. The HC08 family features peripherals such as an in-circuit reprogrammable FLASH, 8- or 10-bit A/D converters, multi-channel timers, CAN, LIN, J1850, SCI/ESCI/SLIC supporting LIN protocol, SPI and EEPROM. There are also many devices targeted for specific applications, such as LIN, motor control and RF. All HC08 MCUs utilize the enhanced M68HC08 central processor unit (CPU08) and are available with a variety memory sizes and types, modules and package types.

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HC11 family MCU image

Also considered a legacy device by Freescale, the 8-Bit HC11 family MCU features OTP program memory sizes of 4KB to 20KB, and processor speeds of 2MHZ and 3MHz. The series is available in 44, 52, 68, and 84-PLCC package cases with a varying number of I/O pins up to 38.

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HCS08 family image

The HCS08 family is a high-performance, low-power solution, providing 1.8 V operation. It features multiple power management modes, including a 20nA power-down mode. Other features of this product family are a zero-component auto wakeup; a programmable internal clock generator, complete with temperature and voltage compensation; and high peripheral integration. This includes up to 98 timer/PWMs, four serial communication ports and an 8-channel, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter.

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RS08 MCU image

Freescale’s RS08 MCU core is a reduced version of the S08 central processing unit (CPU) that has been specifically designed for small pin-count devices with under 16KB memory. Thirty percent smaller than the S08 CPU, it is more efficient and cost-effective for simple electro-mechanical devices that are migrating to fully solid-state electronic operation or portable devices that have evolved into smaller or even disposable versions.

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56800/E family image

The Freescale 56800/E family offers up to 120 MIPS processor performance at 120MHz. It combines, on a single chip, the processing power of a digital signal processor (DSP) and the functionality of a microcontroller (MCU) with a flexible set of peripherals to create a cost-effective solution. DSCs possess fast interrupt times, control flexible sets of peripherals and general purpose I/O, and can run compact code that would be unavailable on a standalone DSP.

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HC12 16-Bit CPU image

Freescale’s HC12 is a 16-Bit device composed of on-chip peripherals including a 16-Bit CPU, up to 8KB RAM and 128KB Flash, SCI, SPI, an 8-Bit ADC, four channel PWM, and a CAN module. The series is upwards compatible with the M68HC11 Instruction Set as well.

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S12 family Flash-based MCU image

Freescale’s S12 family are Flash-based MCU families, which deliver the power and flexibility of the 16-bit core to a whole new range of cost and space sensitive, general purpose industrial and automotive network applications. Flash sizes to 1MB and speeds to 80MHz are available.

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Coldfire MCU

Composed of the V1, V2, V3, V4, V4e, and V5 core types, the Coldfire MCUs offer up to 333MHz performance and 512KB Flash memory. With up to 128KB RAM, the Coldfire also provides a wide selection of peripherals. The small, highly integrated ColdFire microprocessors are 100 percent synthesizable so they are easily adaptable to new process technologies and easily integrated with memories, system modules and communications peripherals.

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Freescale Qorivva

Freescale 32-bit Qorivva microcontrollers are based on Power Architecture technology, which allows for one of the most powerful, high performing core architectures for automotive applications.  Qorivva MCUs offer scalable, highly integrated solutions specifically designed for automotive, with a focus on quality and long term reliability.


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