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Development tools and evaluation boards provide an easy way to demonstrate various peripheral functionality and learn about an unfamiliar microcontroller product without manufacturing a custom PCB. This section provides a quick reference to these tools based on the vendor of the product.

Development Tools / Evaluation Kits - Atmel

  • AVR (8-Bit)
  • 8051 (8-Bit)
  • AVR32 (32-Bit)
  • AT91SAM (32-Bit ARM)
AVR (8-Bit)

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The ATAVRXPLAIN features the ATxmega128A1 microcontroller, 8MB of SDRAM and serial data Flash, the AT90USB1287 communication gateway and programmer for Atmel AVRXMEGA as well as analog inputs for a temperature sensor and potentiometer and analog output for a mono speaker via an audio amplifier.

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8051 (8-Bit)

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Atmel AT89STK-06

The AT89STK-06 starter kit can be used with the AT89C51AC3, TR89C51AC2 and T89C5115 Flash microcontrollers with ADC (for T89C5115 optional adapter is required).  This starter kit includes an on board CAN transceiver, Atmel ATA6660 and a D-sub connector compliant to the CiA (CAN in Automation) recommendation for the CAN high speed bus.  This board comes with a sample of AT89C51CC03-UA and a AT89C51CC03-CA.

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AVR32 (32-Bit)

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Atmel ATEVK1101The EVK1101 is an evaluation kit and development system for the Atmel AVR UC3B MCUs.  The rich set of peripherals and memory allow for easy assesment of the 32-bit AVR UC3B devices.  Key features include: light and temperature sensors, connectors for JTAG, Nexus, USART, USB 2.0, TWI and SPI.  Additionally, it includes an SD and MMC card reader.

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AT91SAM (32-Bit ARM)

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Atmel ATSAM3U-EKThe SAM3U-EK allows designers to quickly evaluate and develop code for applications utilizing Atmel SAM3U MCUs.  Key features of this evaluation kit include:  SAM3U4E QFP chip with optional socket footprint, optional SMB connector (for external system clock input), NAND Flash, 2.8 inch TFT color LCD display with touch-panel and backlight, UART and USART ports with level shifter ICs, audio codec with input and output jacks, 3D accelerometer sensor and temperature sensor plus additional features.

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