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8-Bit MCU-Core 8051/52/32

The 8051 is a Harvard Architecture, microcontroller core which was developed originally by Intel in 1980. Today the 8051 core is a much faster, functionally enhanced version and is manufactured by more than 20 companies. The 8052 and 8032 are very similar to the 8051, but with larger memory. 

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  • Analog Devices
  • Atmel
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Maxim
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • Silicon Labs
Analog Devices


Analog Devices ADuC8000

Analog Devices’ 8052 based ADuC8000 MCU series combines precision analog functions, such as high resolution ADCs and DACs, a voltage reference, temperature sensor, and up to 62KB flash memory.

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Atmel 8051

Atmel offers a broad range of microcontrollers based on the 8051 architecture ranging in code density from 2K bytes to 128K bytes. The product line includes 8-bit microcontrollers using the powerful, low-power Single-Cycle AT89LP core as well as the MCS-51®.

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Infineon Technologies


Infineon C505

Fully compatible with the standard 8051 microcontroller, the C505 series from Infineon offers 20MHz operating frequency and up to 32KB of on-chip OTP ROM. Featuring 34 I/O pins, the C505 also has a full CAN module and is pin compatible with many other Infineon MCU series.

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Infineon XC800

The XC800 family members are based on the standard 8051 architecture with on-chip flash memory of up to 32KB. Performance and cost-saving features of the XC800 include an on-chip oscillator and PLL for clock generation and an embedded voltage regulator supporting single voltage supply of 3.3 V or 5.0 V. Some variations in this family also feature integrated CAN and LIN modules.

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Maxim 8051

Maxim’s 8051-compatible high-speed microcontroller core has been redesigned to eliminate wasted clock and memory cycles. Every standard 8051 instruction is executed between 1.5 and 3 times faster than the original for the same crystal speed. Looking at it another way, the high-speed core achieves the same throughput as a standard 8051 while using much less power as a result of fewer required clock cycles. As a result, the firmware can easily support many tasks required by mobile systems within a single component.

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NXP Semiconductors


NXP 8051

NXP's wide range of 8051 based microcontrollers are designed for applications that demand low voltage, high integration, and low cost. Some of these 8-bit microcontrollers use a high-performance, 2-clock 8051 core that executes instructions at six times the rate of the standard 8051 based devices. Offering performance to 40MHz, the MCUs are available with up to 96KB Flash memory and with many connectivity interfaces including CAN, SPI, USART, I²C, and much more.

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Silicon Labs


Silicon Labs 8051

Silicon Labs' 8-bit mixed-signal MCUs integrate world-class analog, a pipelined 8051 CPU, in-system programmable Flash memory and on-chip debug in each device. The MCUs have a level of high-performance analog and functional density to provide users with design flexibility. Versions that specialize in low voltage, small form factor, automotive, USB, and precision mixed-signal applications are available.

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