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Panasonic - Panasonic Industrial Company's Electronic Components Division is one of the industry's largest suppliers of standard and custom electronic components. Panasonic-SSG offers a wide variety of LEDs specified for currents less than 75mA, a 20mA LED driver, and several LED arrays. Learn more about Panasonic.

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  • Thermal Management
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Thermal Management

Thermal management products are used to aid the transfer of thermal energy from an LED and include heat sinks, thermal interface materials (pads, tape, or grease), metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs), and Peltier devices.

Graphite Sheets

Panasonic - Graphite Sheets PGS (Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) is a heat sink sheet with high thermal conductivity and high flexibility. PGS is made of graphite with a structure that is close to a single crystal. This is achieved by highly oriented polymer film sheet, a process which has never been implemented before.

Pricing & Availability

Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.

AN30888A/B LED Drivers

Panasonic - AN30888A/B Panasonic's AN30888 configurable Boost/Buck-Boost/Buck DC-DC controllers offer design flexibility and a wide operating range by using an external power NMOS switch. They are designed to drive high brightness LEDs in solid state lighting and back lighting applications.

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