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Marktech Optoelectronics is an industry leader in LED technology, products and solutions. For over 25 years, the commitment to listen and understand customer needs is always the first priority. From standard and custom components through finished optoelectronic assemblies the Marktech team is an extension of each customer's engineering vision. Marktech provides complete design, prototyping and test capabilities to meet every optoelectronic need. Learn more about Marktech Optoelectronics.

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LED Modules

LED modules are devices that have been preassembled from two or more discrete components. This includes relatively simple modules consisting of discrete LEDs reflow soldered to a MCPCB as well as more fully assembled modules that incorporate driver circuitry, secondary optics, and thermal management components.

Marktech Optoelectronics - CREE High Power LEDs Aluminum Core Boards

Marktech Optoelectronics - CREE High Power LEDs on Aluminum Core Boards As a value added partner and solutions provider for CREE, Marktech offers Cree High Power Xlamps LEDs on aluminum core boards for easier product evaluation. These boards are offered to lighting designers as a tool to accelerate the adoption of LED technology in designs that currently use another type of illumination.

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