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LEDdynamics, Inc. - is a custom engineering company specializing in the design and integration of LED technology for end-user and OEM applications. In the lighting market, LEDdynamics offers high power LED lighting modules, LED drivers and control modules. Learn more about LEDdynamics, Inc.

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LED Modules

LED modules are devices that have been preassembled from two or more discrete components. This includes relatively simple modules consisting of discrete LEDs reflow soldered to a MCPCB as well as more fully assembled modules that incorporate driver circuitry, secondary optics, and thermal management components.

LEDdynamics Inc - A007/A008 Indus Star

LEDdynamics Inc - A007/A008 Indus Star An electrically isolated star capable of delivering over 700 lumens, the Indus Star™ combines high brightness with ease of integration into fixtures and OEM applications. The LUXdrive Indus Star™ features the CREE® XP-E or XP-G emitter, and an industry standard Star MCPCB.

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Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.

LEDdynamics Inc - 7021 BuckPlus LED Driver Modules

LEDdynamics, Inc. - 7021 BuckPlusThe 7021 BuckPlus LED Power Modules are a line of current regulated drivers for powering LEDs. The BuckPlus LED drivers are the ideal choice for powering many different types of high power LED packages and LED arrays. The BuckPlus LED drivers provide high efficiency and require no external components or additional heat sinking for operation.

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