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Intersil - Intersil Corporation designs and manufactures high performance analog semiconductors. Their lighting related products include laser diode drivers and LED drivers. Learn more about Intersil.

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  • Drivers

Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.

ISL9768x: Compact 2-3-4-Ch LED Drivers with Phase Shift Control

Intersil - ISL9768xThe ISL97682, ISL97683, and ISL97684 are compact 2-, 3-, 4-channel LED drivers that operate across an input voltage range of 4V to 26.5V and deliver outputs up to 45V. The devices can also operate from inputs as low as 3V and deliver outputs up to 26.5V in the bootstrap configuration, making them suitable for systems using single lithium-ion batteries.

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