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Intematix is a leading innovator of patented remote phosphor components for high-quality LED lighting. Employing its expertise in phosphor, Intematix has developed the ChromaLit remote phosphor technology that enables light fixture manufacturers to achieve high light quality, reliability and system efficacy. The ChromaLit technology can be used with any brand of blue LED as well as other SSL applications including OLEDs and blue lasers. Learn more about Intematix.

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  • Remote Phosphor
Remote Phosphor

Remote phosphor technology can improve LED system efficacy by up to 30% by maximizing photon extraction (15%), removing the diffuser (10%), and reducing operating temperatures (5%). As a result, remote phosphor LED systems can use fewer LEDs, smaller heat sinks, and higher LED drive currents.

Intematix: ChromaLit Remote Phosphor Panels for LED Luminaires

ChromaLit Remote Phosphor

•   2700 K - 5000 K CCT values

•   70 - 90 Color Rendering Index

•   Glare free and uniform light quality

•   Round, linear, and square shapes

•   Custom options also available

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