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Dialight - Dialight is a prominent competitor in applying light emitting diode (LED) technology to the entire spectrum of visual applications including status indication for the communications and industrial markets, signaling for transportation industry and the rapidly evolving solid state illumination market. Learn more about Dialight.

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Dialight - Product Information

  • High Power LEDs
  • Optics
  • Drivers
  • LEDs < 75 mA
High Power LEDs

High Power LEDs are classified by requiring more than 75mA to drive the diode. These diodes can be used for many applications including architectural lighting, interior household lighting, traffic signals, and automotive illumination.

High Power LED Module

Dialight - High Power LED Module• Circular and linear configurations                        
• Available in multiple colors including RGB
• Aluminum PCB for heat dissipation
• LED Life @ 55°C PCB temp = 50,000 hours
• Maximum PCB temp = 105°C

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The components in the optics category comprise lenses, lens holders, and light pipes of various configurations.

OP Series Lenses

Dialight - OP Series Lenses• Designed for Luxeon light engines, emitters, and stars
• Available in spot, medium, wide, and oval lenses
• Lense material: Optical grade PMMA acrylic
• Holder Material: Durable polycarbonate

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Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.


Dialight - 350-1922-ND• 3CH Driver allows individual control of each RGB color
• Drives up to 12 LEDs per channel, 36 total
• Digital dimming level from 0% to 100%
• Output current: 350mA at 100%
• On board DMX compliant control interface
• Dip switch programmable for DMX
• Short and open circuit protected 

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LEDs < 75 mA

The components in this category are LEDs with test currents less than 75mA.

521 Series

Dialight - 521 Series• 3mm T-1 and 5mm T-1 3/4 packages available
• 10mA and 20mA current options
• Multiple colors available
• Viewing angle: 30° to 70°
• Operating temperature: -55°C to +100°C

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