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Cypress Semiconductor - Cypress delivers high-performance, mixed-signal, programmable solutions including LED controllers. Their EZ-Color™ family of devices offers the ideal control solution for High Brightness LED applications requiring intelligent dimming control. EZ-Color devices combine the power and flexibility of PSoC (Programmable System-on-Chip™); with Cypress' PrISM (precise illumination signal modulation) modulation technology providing lighting designers a fully customizable and integrated lighting solution platform. Learn more about Cypress Semiconductor.

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  • Drivers

Products in this category include ICs and modules designed for driving LEDs in a variety of applications, including general illumination, backlighting, color mixing, and others.

PowerPSoC Intelligent LED Driver

Cypress Semiconductor - PowerPSoC Intelligent LED Driver• Buck, boost and buck-boost topology          
• Programmable system-on-chip technology
• External gate driving FETs
• Dimming modulation, (PWM, DMM, PrlSMS)
• Up to 1A driving capabilities

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