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Cree, Inc. - is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductors and devices that enhance the value of power, solid-state lighting and communications products by significantly increasing their energy performance and efficiency. Cree uses its world-class materials expertise in silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) for chips and packaged devices to manufacture devices that can handle more power in a smaller space while producing less heat than other available technologies, materials and products. Cree's product families include power-switching devices, blue and green LED chips, power LEDs, LED backlighting solutions, and radio-frequency devices. Learn more about Cree, Inc.

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High Power LEDs

High Power LEDs are classified by requiring more than 75mA to drive the diode. These diodes can be used for many applications including architectural lighting, interior household lighting, traffic signals, and automotive illumination.

XLamp XT-E High Voltage LEDs

Cree - XT-E High Voltage LEDs• Up to 300 lumens at 3 W, 85°C             
• 46 V forward voltage
• 66 mA max drive current
• Binned at 85° C
• 3.45 X 3.45 mm package

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LED Modules

Products classified as "LED Modules" include "Plug and Play" devices which require only a power source for proper operation, modules with or without standard connectors included, and LEDs mounted on Starboard printed circuit boards that require specific mounting hardware.

Cree - LED Module LMR4

Cree - LED Module LMR4•   Integrated AC driver, optics and core thermals
•   700 lm @ 2700, 3000, 3500 and 4000 K CCT
•   CRI >90 TrueWhite and CRI >80 EasyWhite
•   60 lm/W system efficacy
•   >35,000 hour L70 lifetime
•   Supports TRIAC dimming to 5%
•   5 year warranty

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Tools & Resources

Product Characterization Tool (PCT)

Cree, Inc - Product Characterization Tool (PCT)The Cree Product Characterization tool (PCT) allows you to select from the multiple lighting-system design parameters to compare up to three LED models simultaneously. More...