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Bivar, Inc. is structured for fast product delivery capabilities for LED mounts, holders, and assemblies. The demand, both for new product prototyping and new product development windows where time-to-market is sensitive, marks an unprecedented change in the traditional provision of hardware to the integration of components, specifically optoelectronics. Learn more about Bivar, Inc.

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  • High Power LEDs
  • Optics
  • LEDs < 75 mA
High Power LEDs

High Power LEDs are classified by requiring more than 75mA to drive the diode. These diodes can be used for many applications including architectural lighting, interior household lighting, traffic signals, and automotive illumination.

Starboard Light Engines featuring Cree XLamp LEDs

BivarL2 familyThe L2 family of starboard light engines featuring Cree XLamp LEDs provide efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting and high light output in a small form factor. Additionally, the L2 family has a unique case temperature test point for engineers to confirm the effectiveness of their thermal management. Optional pin headers allow for quick hook-up, thus eliminating the delicate soldering process.

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The components in the optics category comprise lenses, lens holders, and light pipes of various configurations.

Panel Mount Light Pipes

Panel Mount Light Pipes• Sizes 0.125" to 1.50" available
• 3mm and 5mm options
• Improved lighting intensity
• No special tools required

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LEDs < 75 mA

The components in this category are LEDs with test currents less than 75mA.

SuperFlux - Orca R Series

SuperFlux - Orca R Series• 4-Dip, low profile package                              
• Mono, Bi-Color, and RGB
• Available in 20mA or 50mA
• Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +80°C

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