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Thermal Management

Thermal management products are used to aid the transfer of thermal energy from an LED and include heat sinks, thermal interface materials (pads, tape, or grease), and metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs).

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Thermal Transfer Technology

  • Heat Sinks
  • Heat Transfer
Heat Sinks

LEDs can use many different types of heat sinks. The application determines the required thermal resistance value, mounting type, and heat sink shape. Digi-Key offers a wide selection of heat sinks to allow engineers to optimize their products.

Nuventix - SynJet® 48W Downlight Cooler for High Power LED Arrays

Nuventix - 48W Downlight Cooler • 48 W cooling capacity 
• 0.63 C/W thermal resistance
• Energy efficient (550-700 mW)
• 100K hours lifetime
• 5 year warranty

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Heat Transfer

These products are available in three different categories: Thermal Pads, Thermal Tape, and Thermal Grease.

Bergquist - Thermal Tape

Bergquist - Thermal TapeBergquist thermally conductive, fiberglass reinforced pressure sensitive adhesive tape offers a thermal impedance of 0.86°C/W (@100 psi) with a high bond strength to a variety of surfaces. This tape can be used to replace heat-cure adhesive, screw mounting, or clip mounting.

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Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards (MCPCB) provide an electrical connection to surface mount, high power LEDs and a low thermal resistance path to a heat sink. MCPCBs are made of an aluminum base plate, a thin thermally conductive dielectric, and copper PCB traces covered by a solder mask.

Bergquist - MCPCB

Bergquist - MCPCB Bergquist thermally conductive insulated metal substrate (IMS) circuit boards are specifically designed for LED applications. They offer better thermal management which allows more forward current to be applied to the LED producing more light and possibility reducing the number of LEDs required to achieve the desired light output. Proper thermal management can also considerably extend LED lifetimes and reliability.

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