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Products classified as "LED Modules” are devices that have been preassembled from two or more discrete components. This may include relatively simple devices consisting of one or more discrete LEDs reflow soldered to a MCPCB with or without a connector as well as more fully assembled devices that incorporate driver circuitry, secondary optics, and/or thermal management components.  

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LED Modules by Category

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LED modules in this section require external circuitry for operation.

Seoul Semiconductor - Acriche AC LED Series

Seoul Semiconductor - Acriche AC LED Series• AC powered without additional conversion        
• Input voltages: 100V, 110V, 220V, 230V
• Long life: over 35,000 hours
• No convertor loss = higher fixture efficacy
• Operating frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Multiple package options 

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Marktech Optoelectronics - CREE High Power LEDs Aluminum Core Boards

Marktech Optoelectronics - CREE High Power LEDs on Aluminum Core Boards As a value added partner and solutions provider for CREE, Marktech offers Cree High Power Xlamps LEDs on aluminum core boards for easier product evaluation. These boards are offered to lighting designers as a tool to accelerate the adoption of LED technology in designs that currently use another type of illumination.

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Modules with Driver

Modules in this category have integrated drive circuitry and only require a power source to enable proper operation. Driver circuitry is defined as any circuit that controls or limits current through a LED.  

Cree - LED Module LMR4

Cree - LED Module LMR4•   Integrated AC driver, optics and core thermals
•   700 lm @ 2700, 3000, 3500 and 4000 K CCT
•   CRI >90 TrueWhite and CRI >80 EasyWhite
•   60 lm/W system efficacy
•   >35,000 hour L70 lifetime
•   Supports TRIAC dimming to 5%
•   5 year warranty

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TT Electronics/Optek Technology - LED Module Strips

TT Electronics/Optek Technology - LED Module StripsTT Electronics/Optek Technology’s LED module strips are the ideal solution for surface illumination creating decorative, special effects, or channel letter applications and are available in red, amber, green, blue, or white. Response time is fast for instantaneous flashing lights and power consumption results in low power requirements from circuit power supply. 

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