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Panasonic is a leading supplier of batteries offering advanced cell manufacturing and product technologies, superior quality, and one of the broadest lines of rechargeable batteries in the industry. Panasonic’s product line includes Lithium coin, Nickel Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium, and Valve Regulated Lead Acid. Panasonic batteries meet multiple market needs and are ideal for a variety of consumer, commercial and industrial portable power applications. Learn more about Panasonic Batteries

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Featured Product

Panasonic Lithium BatteriesPanasonic coin type lithium MX/VL batteries can be charged for repeated use, which are intended for customers who do not want to replace them with new batteries, or have equipment battery replacement constraints.
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Panasonic NiMH BatteriesPanasonic NiMH batteries are designed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by today’s electronic products. Our Nickel Metal Hydride batteries offers up to three times the capacity of same size standard Nickel Cadmium batteries.
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