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Linear Technology manufactures a wide range of ultra-low power products targeted for Energy harvesting applications. Power management products that convert energy from Vibration (Piezo), PhotoVoltaic (Solar) and Thermal (TEC, TEG, Thermopiles, Thermocouples) sources provide high efficiency conversion to regulated voltages or to charge batteries and super capacitor storage elements. Boost converters that operate from as little as 20mV or Battery chargers with Maximum Power Point capability expand the possibilities for a wide variety of industrial automation and control, wireless sensor, transportation, automotive and building management applications.   Learn more about Linear Technology

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Featured Product

Linear Tech Featured ProductThe LTC3108 is a highly integrated DC/DC converter ideal for harvesting and managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources such as TEGs (thermoelectric generators), thermopiles and small solar cells. The step-up topology operates from input voltages as low as 20mV. The LTC3108 is functionally equivalent to the LTC3108-1 except for its unique fixed VOUT options.
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