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Epcos - film capacitors are ideal due to the dielectric and large capacitance they can offer, and are important in the inverter and filtering of solar. EPCOS manufactures over 40,000 products, comprising a range of passive electronic components whose extent is unique on the market. It can thus offer its customers products and solutions from a single source. EPCOS offers unrivaled performance for electronics applications. Learn more about Epcos

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Epcos B3279X Series CapacitorsB3279X Series Capacitors
EPCOS presents a new series of AC capacitors with capacitance ranges from 2 to 75μF and radial terminals for PCB mounting. B3279X series output filter capacitors feature types for voltages up to 400VAC and can be used in a wide range of output filter modules. Higher capacitance values can be realized by placing several capacitors in parallel in the PCB assembly, thus allowing filter designers and manufacturers to design power converters even up to 500 kW with modular systems. Compared to other AC filtering solutions, the B3279X series offers smaller size with higher capacitance values, higher current density per capacitance and volume, and operation at temperatures up to 105°C.

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