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Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. (ALD) has developed EPAD® Energy Harvesting Modules™ with the ability to capture, accumulate, store and supply power from a variety of environmental or wasted energy sources and supply it to embedded applications. The existing generations of modules need an input of 4 V to begin operating. For ultra-low voltage sources, ALD will produce modules that can operate starting at 0.4 V. The company will also target sources that generate 0.1 V. Learn more about Advanced Linear Devices

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Advanced Linear Devices EH4200 Low Voltage BoostersEH4200 Step Up Low Voltage Boosters
The EH4200 Series of Micropower Step Up Low Voltage Boosters are self-powered voltage-booster modules that convert a low DC voltage input to a higher AC or DC voltage output suitable for many low-power energy harvesting applications using photodiodes, thermoelectric or electromagnetic generators as the input source.

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