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TM8 Series Tantalum Capacitors

High reliability capacitors from Vishay are ideal for medical, military, and space applications

Vishay's TM8 solid surface mount tantalum chip capacitors feature a robust design, high reliability screening, low DC leakage current (DCL), and a compact form factor. Efficient packaging offers a high CV factor ideal for space-constrained applications. High reliability screening techniques ensure reliable long-term performance in demanding environments - a critical performance measure in applications where the cost of failure is high.

DCL levels in early medical device platforms were at tolerable levels in the past; however, lower levels are now required. By utilizing Vishay’s proprietary multi-array packaging (MAP), the new TM8 devices realize better stability and a significant reduction in DCL, which ensures efficient operation and extended battery life in portable/implantable applications. Datasheet
TM8 Series Tantalum Capacitors

Features Applications
  • High reliability solid surface mount tantalum capacitors
  • Tailorable high-reliability screening options
  • Low DCL for efficient operation and long battery life
  • L-shaped terminations for superior board mounting
  • Small case size ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, ICDs, neurological stimulators
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Avionics, military, and space
  • RoHS Compliant

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Digi-Key P/N Mfg. P/N Voltage ESR Description
718-1721-1-ND TM8M106K6R3UBA 6.3V 5.000Ω CAP TANT 10UF 6.3V 10% 0603
718-1722-1-ND TM8M156K6R3UBA 6.3V 5.000Ω CAP TANT 15UF 6.3V 10% 0603
718-1723-1-ND TM8M105K010UBA 10V 12.00Ω CAP TANT 1.0UF 10V 10% 0603
718-1724-1-ND TM8M475K010UBA 10V 6.000Ω CAP TANT 4.7UF 10V 10% 0603
718-1725-1-ND TM8L755K010UBA 10V 8.000Ω CAP TANT 7.5UF 10V 10% 0805
718-1726-1-ND TM8R106K010UBA 10V 6.000Ω CAP TANT 10UF 10V 10% 0805
718-1727-1-ND TM8T476K010UBA 10V 1.000Ω CAP TANT 47UF 10V 10% SMD
718-1728-1-ND TM8M105K016UBA 16V 12.00Ω CAP TANT 1.0UF 16V 10% 0603
718-1729-1-ND TM8R106K016UBA 16V 6.000Ω CAP TANT 10UF 16V 10% 0805
718-1730-1-ND TM8W105K020UBA 20V 8.000Ω CAP TANT 1.0UF 20V 10% 0805
718-1731-1-ND TM8R335K020UBA 20V 8.000Ω CAP TANT 3.3UF 20V 10% 0805
718-1732-1-ND TM8R105K025UBA 25V 10.00Ω CAP TANT 1.0UF 25V 10% 0805
718-1733-1-ND TM8P475K025UBA 25V 6.000Ω CAP TANT 4.7UF 25V 10% SMD
718-1735-1-ND TM8P105K040UBA 40V 10.00Ω CAP TANT 1.0UF 40V 10% SMD