TAS5706PAPR - 20-W Stereo Digital Audio Power Amplifier
with Integrated Feedback and On-Chip Audio Processing

The TAS5706 is the world's 1st 20-W Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier with integrated feedback (A.K.A. closed loop). Closed loop amplifiers have a lower damping factor than open loop amplifiers, which produces a tighter, more accurate sound with improved bass response. In addition to enhanced sound, closed loop amplifiers are more immune to power supply noise, which means they can run off of poorly regulated / lower cost supplies. The TAS5706 supports 4 channels of digital audio (either via I2S or LJ/RJ digital inputs).

Value Statement
The TAS5706 digital inputs, advanced audio processing, and closed loop architecture enable reduced system costs and greatly improved audio performance over existing market solutions. Its flexible output configurations support Stereo, Quad, and 2.1 channel configurations from a single device.

Texas Instruments
Part Number
Part Number
Packaging Package Voltage - Supply Datasheet Photo
TAS5706PAPR 296-22973-2-ND Tape/Reel 64-HTQFP 10 V ~ 26 V Datasheet Image TAS5706PAPR Image
296-22973-1-ND Cut Tape
296-22973-6-ND Digi-Reel®
Up to 90% Efficient Class-D operation (8-Ω)
25W, 8-Ω, 18V (THD+N=10%)
Wide 10V to 26V supply voltage operation
4 Channel Digital Input (I2S/LJ/RJ)
Closed Loop Performance
On-Chip Audio Processing
On-Chip Head Phone and Sub PWM outs
Multiple output configurations

Eliminates external heat sink
High output power from standard supply
Eliminates need for DC-DC converter; operates from 24V LCD backlight supply
Improved performance by eliminating DAC + Filter operation
More accurate sound, reduced power supply requirements, which reduces system cost
Speaker EQ compensates for poor performance speakers; DRC enables "Night Time" listening modes
Reduced system cost + increased configuration flexibility.
Supports Stereo, 4 channel, and 2.1 systems from a single chip.
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