TI Introduces the Low-Power Series Voltage Reference Family

REF3312 - The Smallest in a Tiny SC70-3 Package

TI Image The REF33xx is the newest product in the voltage reference product line combining the micro-sized SC70 package with low 5µA quiescent current for battery powered and handheld applications. This is the LOWEST POWER series voltage reference in the SC70-3 package. Its small size, robust output drive, and low dropout voltage make this a value leader for applications requiring low power and a small footprint.

The REF33xx family of voltage references offers the combination of low power consumption and micro-sized packaging. As the industry's lowest power series voltage reference in the SC70 3-pin micro-sized package, it delivers high initial accuracy and low temperature drift across the extended industrial temperature range. The SC70 package saves designers ~40% board area over the SOT23 package. This allows systems to have a smaller footprint or increases component density. The super-low dropout voltage allows a wide range of supply voltages, as well as improving performance in battery based systems as battery voltage decreases with use.
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Digi-Key Part Number TI Part Number VIN VOUT Current Output Current Quiescent Package  
296-22635-2-ND REF3312AIDBZT 1.45 ~ 5.5V 1.25V 5mA 3.9µA SOT-23-3 Datasheet Image
296-22636-2-ND REF3312AIDCKR 1.45 ~ 5.5V 1.25V 5mA 3.9µA SC-70-3 Datasheet Image
  Digi-Key Part Numbers:   -2-ND = Tape & Reel;   -1-ND = Cut Tape;  �-6-ND = Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer

  SC70 and SOT23 Micro packages
  5µA (max) Iq
  Super low dropout (25mV @ 1mA IOUT)
  ±mA Output Drive
  Saves board space enabling smaller form factors and higher device densities
  Low power consumption extends battery life
  Low dropout enables a wide supply range
  Robust output drive allows spot power management
  Battery-operated, portable consumer products
      ° Laptop Computers
  Handheld applications
      ° Instrumentation
      ° Medical Instruments
  Data acquisition systems
  Low-power precision spot voltage regulation
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