CSD86330Q3D NexFET™ Power Block

Texas Instruments' synchronous buck NexFET™ power block MOSFET pair

Texas Instruments CSD86330Q3D NexFET™ Power Block Texas Instruments' CSD86330Q3D NexFET power block is an optimized design for synchronous buck applications offering high current, high efficiency, and high frequency capability in a small 3.3mm×3.3mm outline. Optimized for 5V gate drive applications, this product offers a flexible solution capable of offering a high density power supply when paired with any 5V gate drive from an external controller/driver. The Control FET and Sync FET silicon are parametrically tuned to yield the lowest power loss and highest system efficiency. As a result, a new rating method is needed which is tailored towards a more systems centric environment.

  Features   Applications
  • Half-bridge power block
  • 90% system efficiency at 15A
  • Up to 20A operation
  • High frequency operation (up to 1.5MHz)
  • High density – SON 3.3mm × 3.3mm footprint
  • Optimized for 5V gate drive
  • Low switching losses
  • Ultra low inductance package
  • RoHS compliant / Halogen free
  • Pb-free terminal plating
  • Synchronous buck converters
    • High frequency applications
    • High current, low duty cycle applications
  • Multiphase synchronous buck converters
  • POL DC-DC converters
  • IMVP, VRM, and VRD applications

Part Number
Part Number
Packaging Drain to Source
Voltage (Vdss)
Current -
Continuous Drain
(Id) @ 25°C
CSD86330Q3D 296-28216-2-ND Tape & Reel 25V 20A 8-SON
3mm x 3mm
CSD86330Q3D Datasheet
 296-28216-1-ND Cut Tape
 296-28216-6-ND Digi-Reel®