CC8530 PurePath™ Wireless Headset

Texas Instruments' PurePath™ wireless 2.4 GHz RF SoC for wireless digital audio streaming

Texas Instruments CC8530 PurePath™ Wireless Headset Texas Instruments' PurePath™ wireless platform is a cost-effective and low-power solution optimized for wireless transmission of high-quality digital audio. The CC85xx includes a robust built-in wireless audio transmission protocol and can control selected external audio devices. Utilizing numerous coexistence mechanisms allows the CC85xx to avoid interfering with, or being interfered by other 2.4 GHz radio systems. The CC85xx operates autonomously, and can be used with or without an external MCU. An external host processor can be connected through SPI and control some aspects of its operation. The CC85xx interfaces easily with other TI audio ICs and DSPs (using I²S and DSP/TDM interfaces).

The development kit comes pre-programmed with firmware as described in the quick start user’s guide. This firmware is available as an example project in PurePath Wireless Configurator tool (PPWC) PC software. The functionality of the kit can be changed by using PPWC.   CC8530 Datasheet

  Features   Applications
  • Built-in audio protocol
    • CD-quality uncompressed audio
    • Excellent robustness and co-existence through multiple techniques
      • Adaptive frequency hopping
      • Forward error correction
      • Buffering and retransmission
      • Error concealment
      • Optional high quality audio compression
    • No software development needed when used in autonomous mode
  • Wireless high-quality digital audio
  • Wireless point-to-point audio link
  • Wireless (USB) headphones
  • Wireless (USB) loudspeakers
  • Wireless 2.1 speaker systems

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Texas Instruments
Part Number
Part Number
Packaging Description Package  
CC8530RHAT 296-29090-2-ND Tape & Reel CC8530 PurePath™ Wireless IC 40-VFQFN Exposed Pad CC8530RHAT Datasheet
296-29090-1-ND Cut Tape
296-29090-6-ND Digi-Reel

Development Kit
Texas Instruments
Part Number
Part Number
CC85XXDK-HEADSET 296-28952-ND Development Kit for PurePath™ Wireless Headset CC85XXDK-HEADSET User's Guide

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