CC2530 Mini ZNP Kit

TI's new ZigBee® network processor with embedded ZigBee PRO stack simplifies wireless connectivity and reduces development time

Texas Instruments CC2530 Mini ZNP Kit Texas Instruments' CC2530 ZigBee Network Processor (ZNP) Mini Development Kit is the perfect introduction to ZigBee wireless sensor networks! The CC2530ZNP Mini Development Kit is designed for engineers who want to get familiar with the ZigBee Network Processor concept without having to port a lot of software to get up and running. The ZigBee Network Processor allows adding ZigBee interface to any application using a simple serial interface.

The development kit comes with three target boards which allow users to set up a small ZigBee network. Two boards can be mobile using two AAA batteries provided in the kit. The kit sensor boards include an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and light sensor that can be used in conjunction with LED lights and push buttons to develop simple demo applications.   CC2530 ZNP Quick Start Guide

  Features   Applications
  • Low cost ZigBee PRO development kit
  • Includes 3 ZigBee nodes
  • 1 eZ430 USB stick and 2 battery boards
  • Free IAR MSP430 kickstart compiler
  • HW emulator support
  • No need for 8051 compiler
  • Includes 30+ educational MSP430 wireless sensor applications
    Kit Contents
  • 3 sensor boards with MSP430F2274 application MCU and CC2530 ZigBee network processor
  • 1 eZ430 USB stick for SW debugging and USB UART interface
  • 2 battery boards for battery powered end devices
  • 4 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
The example software includes 30+ educational MSP430 wireless sensor applications that provide step by step examples how to develop wireless sensor applications:
  • UART interface
  • Light sensor interface
  • Accelerometer interface
  • Simple ZigBee applications
    • Coordinator
    • Router
    • End-device
  • Basic ZigBee applications
    • ZigBee packet error rate tester
    • Secure ZigBee communication
    • Basic ZigBee networks
    • Simple API
    • Full ZigBee API
    • Coordinator/router/end-device

Texas Instruments
Part Number
Digi-Key Part Number Description  
CC2530ZDK-ZNP-MINI 296-28166-ND CC2530 Mini ZNP Kit CC2530ZNP Mini Quick Start Guide

Associated Silicon
Available in Tape & Reel (-2-ND), Cut Tape (-1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (-6-ND)
Texas Instruments
Part Number
Digi-Key Part Number Description  
CC2530F128RHAT  296-24407-1-ND IC SoC IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee, 40-QFN, 128kB Flash CC2530F128RHAT Datasheet
CC2530F256RHAT  296-24547-1-ND IC SoC IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee, 40-QFN, 256kB Flash CC2530 Datasheet

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