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TPD2F702 EMI Filter

Texas Instrument’s two-channel EMI filter for audio interface applications

Texas Instruments' TPD2F702 is a two-channel EMI filter for audio interface applications. The TPD2F702 offers superior EMI noise suppression (2MHz to 6GHz) compared to discrete implementation. The device is optimized for AVIF connector or speaker port interfaces. This low-pass filter array also provides system level ESD protection to eliminate the need for external ESD clamps. The TPD2F702 exceeds ±30-kV ratings per IEC6100-4-2 contact and air-gap specifications. It is primarily used in the mobile phone/audio headphone/speaker interface but can be used in other audio applications.

The TPD2F702 is a highly integrated device designed to suppress EMI/RFI noise in all systems subjected to electromagnetic interferences. This filter includes ESD protection circuitry, which prevents damage to the application when subjected to ESD surges far exceeding IEC 61000-4-2 (Level 4). The TPD2F702 is specified for –40°C to 85°C operation.

  • Two-channel EMI filter for audio speaker or AVIF ports
  • Best-in-class EMI noise filtering for audio applications (-3dB bandwidth = 1.2MHz)
  • >50 dB crosstalk attenuation at 100MHz
  • Pi-style (C-R-C) filter configuration
    (C1 = 30pF, R = 15Ω, C2 = 5000pF)
  • Ultra low leakage current (100-nA max)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Integrated ESD protection exceeds IEC61000-4-2 (Level 4) at the connector ports (Level 4) on the connector side
    • ±15-kV human-body model (HBM)
    • ±30-kV IEC 61000-4-2 contact discharge
    • ±30-kV IEC 61000-4-2 air-gap discharge
  • Space-saving WCSP package and flow-through pin mapping
  • Industrial temperature range: –40°C to 85°C
Manufacturer P/N Digi-Key P/N Packaging Description  
TPD2F702YFKR 296-25865-2-ND Tape & Reel (TR) IC EMI FILTER 2CH W/ESD 5DSBGA High-Capacitance MLCC Datasheet
296-25865-1-ND Cut Tape (CT)
296-25865-6-ND Digi-Reel®