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TE product line of switches can provide virtually any type of switch you need at Digi-Key.

Tyco SwitchTE Connectivity can provide virtually any type of switch that a customer may need. From miniature printed circuit board mounted DIP switches to rugged oil-tight switches for industrial controls. With a full line of DIP switches, slide switches, toggle switches, pushbutton switches, tactile switches, rocker & paddle switches, rotary switches, keylock switches, industrial control switches, pushwheel switches, micro switches, and power tool switches. Alcoswitch products also include knobs, boot, caps and other accessories.

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        Alcoswitch DIP Switches
Tyco Dip Switches
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 • Full line of DIP switches with different profiles
 • Different actuator styles available – piano, extended, rocker, flush
 • Piano and Slide styles that don’t require sealing to go through wash process
 • Half pitch .050” terminal spacing (GDH version)
 • Variety of Rotary DIP switches with different body sizes available (9 mm and 7 mm)
 • Available in through-hole and surface mount
 • Available in optional tape & reel packaging
 • Variety of SIP switches available
 • Multiple sizes of DIP shunts available
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Slide Switches
 • One of the broadest lines in the industry
 • 1 to 6 pole configurations and single throw to 10 throw (SP to 6P and ST to 10T)
 • Current ratings from 0.4V @ 20 VDC to 3A @ 115 VAC
 • Miniature and subminiature case sizes
 • Gold or silver plating available
 • Wave solderable, washable, and surface mount versions
 • Many profiles and actuator styles available e.g., vertical and right-angle actuator styles
 • 10,000 cycles or higher
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Toggle Switches
 • Wide range of physical sizes and current ratings
 • Silver and gold plating options
 • Sealed switches available
 • Straight or right-angle options available
 • Wide variety of toggle configurations available
 • Through-hole or surface mount PCB tails or panel mount options
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Pushbutton Switches
 • Silver and gold plating options
 • Sealed switches available
 • Through-hole or surface mount PC tails or panel mount options
 • Straight or right-angle option available
 • Large variety of button styles and switching functions
 • Wide range of physical sizes and current ratings
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Tactile Switches
 • Variety of actuators and mounting types, 3.5 x 6 mm, 4.9 x 4.9 mm, 6 x 6 mm
 • 12 x 12 mm sizes available
 • 3 available actuation forces – 100/160/260 grams
 • Through-hole and surface mount types
 • Good tactile feel
 • Available either sealed or unsealed
 • Available in optional tape & reel packaging
 • Radial tape or tape & reel packaging options available
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Rocker and Paddle Switches
 • Many styles of terminations, rockers, paddles, bezels, and mountings
 • Ratings up to 16A @ 125 VAC; 10A @ 250 VAC
 • Illuminated rockers available
 • Agency approvals on high current models
 • Available in gold or silver plating
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Rotary Switches
 • PCB mountable
 • Products available in 1-4 poles
 • Products available in 2 to 32 positions with adjustable stops
 • Products available in Octal, Decimal, and Hexadecimal coding
 • Flush shafts, extended shafts, bar knobs and thumbwheel shaft options available
 • Current ratings up to .5 A at 125 VAC
 • Splashproof versions available
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Keylock Switches
 • Medium security and high security 2 position key switches
 • All keylocks supplied with 2 brass keys on a ring
 • Variety of key removal options
 • Choice of 4, 5 or 8 disc tumblers
 • SPST, SPDT, DPDT options
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Microswitches
 • Micro and mini micro sizes
 • Current ratings 15A to .1A
 • Quick connect terminals
 • Switches color coded to distinguish current ratings
 • Multiple operating forces
 • Variety of button, lever and roller actuating options available
 • High mechanical and electrical cycle life
 • Agency Approvals
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”

        Alcoswitch Knobs
 • Large selection of both plastic and solid aluminum types
 • 1/4” or 1/8” shaft sizes
 • Various inlays, skirts and finishes available
 • Customization available
 • Order Catalog 1308390, “Alcoswitch Products”