SolKlip Ground Clips and Solar AWG Cable
TE Connectivity has expanded its line of SOLARLOK photovoltaic (PV) interconnect products with SolKlip grounding connectors and solar AWG cable. The SolKlip grounding connector provides quick and convenient grounding for solar panels and related products. SolKlip grounding connectors can be re-used several times and meet "tooled extraction" requirements. Solar AWG cable provides ultraviolet resistant performance in outdoor PV and solar panel installations. Solar AWG cable is made from a UV resistant jacket material and high conductivity copper alloy and is UL approved for solar installations.

SolKlip Ground ClipsSolKlip Ground Clips - TE Connectivity’ newest innovation provides the photovoltaic integrator with a solution for grounding PV panels and mounting frames. The TE Connectivity SolKlip brings a new ground connection solution to the market by the utilizing well-known insulation displacement termination technology.
   Existing solutions typically require the use of ring tongue crimp terminals which have to be crimped first at a specific location on the wire, a hole is then drilled into the mounting surface, and the product is finally mounted on the frame with a separate thread forming or self-tapping screw. The new TE Connectivity SolKlip provides an extremely simplified solution for terminating a continuous-run ground wire. Termination times are measured in seconds using the pre-mounted TE Connectivity SolKlip thereby saving time and reducing wiring costs substantially. The four-point wire contact inherent in the design optimizes grounding performance and provides protection against contact problems due to its low interface resistance.

 • Self-Tapping Screw
 • Quick and Easy Mounting
 • Four-Point Contact to Wire
 • Low Interface Resistance
 • Tool Free Termination
 • Re-Terminateable up to 5 Times
 • UV Resistant
 • Weather-Proof
 • UL Approved
 • RoHS Compliant

SolKlip Grounding Instructional Video

Solar AWG CableSolar AWG Cable - As part of expanding the SOLARLOK Product Line, TE Connectivity has specified a wire that is designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions typical in the wiring of photovoltaic installations.
   The flexible, dual wall, halogen free and cross linked solar wire offers long term stability and TÜV approval. Its outstanding features include: high resistance against environmental conditions like humidity, UV-radiation and ozone. In addition, it has excellent resistance to abrasion and temperature extremes.
   The wire has a high dielectric withstanding voltage and with its fine-stranded, tin plated copper conductor, it is easy to handle and to strip.
Part Number Description Quantity/Feet per Reel Part Number Description Quantity/Feet per Reel
A97543-1000-ND 10 AWG 1000' A97545-2500-ND 14 AWG 2500'
A97543-500-ND 10 AWG 500' A97545-500-ND 14 AWG 500'
A97543-100-ND 10 AWG 100' A97545-100-ND 14 AWG 100'
A97544-1500-ND 12 AWG 1500'      
A97544-500-ND 12 AWG 500'      
A97544-100-ND 12 AWG 100'      

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