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Surface Mount Technology Poke-In Connectors

Surface Mount Technology (SMD) Poke-In Connectors  -  Available in 1-position or 2-position, these low profile wire poke-in connector is designed for LED lighting applications. Available in surface mount tape and reel packaging, the connector is designed to accept a wide range of wire sizes and types.
SMT Poke-In Connectors
A97618TR-ND (SMD - 2 Position)
A99380-ND (Through Hole - 2 Position)
A99133TR-ND (SMD - 1 Position)
A99134TR-ND (Through Hole - 1 Position)
 • Tape & Reel Packaging for High Speed SMT Processes
 • RoHS Compliant Redundant SMT Pads Prevents Peeling
 • Rounded Corners to Minimize Shadowing
 • Side to Side Stackable with Pads on 4mm Centers
 • Accepts 18, 20, 22 AWG Solid Wire; 18, 20 AWG Prebond Stranded;
   18 AWG Stranded
 • Cost Effective Alternative to Hand Soldering Wires
 • Low Profile Design
 • Flat Top Surface Allows for Vacuum Pick Up
 • High Temperature Material for Reflow Processing

 • Lighting Controls
 • Interconnecting Strings of Printed Circuit LED Light Modules