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PolySwitch BD280 Mini-terminal Bladed Device

TE Connectivity and Digi-Key introduce PolySwitch mini-terminal devices to help protect automotive wire harnesses, motors and actuators

TE Connectivity PolySwitch BD280 Mini-terminal Bladed DeviceThe PolySwitch BD280 mini-terminal bladed device from TE Connectivity is suitable for one-to-one replacement of plug-in automotive mini fuses and bimetal circuit breakers. The device offers a solid-state design, and a resistance switching action that immediately latches following an overcurrent event. The devices' resettable functionality, high resistance to shock, vibration and rough handling, lower surface temperature and power dissipation, and flatter thermal derating can help vehicle manufacturers reduce warranty repair costs and improve user satisfaction. The PolySwitch BD280 is suitable for use in North American trucks, utility or off-road vehicles and worldwide passenger cars utilizing 12V battery systems.  BD280 Datasheet

Features Applications
 • Directly replaces most automotive fuses
 • No cycling into short or overload conditions
 • No contacts to arc, erode or weld together improves reliability
 • Virtually constant performance across voltage range of 4V to 14V
 • Probe points facilitate diagnostics and faultfinding
 • Low thermal derating permits use in under hood applications
 • Automotive and Heavy Trucks Circuits
 • Wiring Harness Protection
 • 12V Power Outlets
 • Intermittent Duty Circuits
 • DC Motor Circuits
 • 12V system 100 amps and under

Digi-Key Part Number Mfg. Part Number Description Time to Trip
BD280-1130-10-ND BD280-1130-10/16 Fuse Resettable Blade 10A/14V 8 Sec.
BD280-1130-15-ND BD280-1130-15/16 Fuse Resettable Blade 15A/14V 8 Sec.
BD280-1130-20-ND BD280-1130-20/16 Fuse Resettable Blade 20A/14V 10 Sec.
BD280-1927-25-ND BD280-1927-25/16 Fuse Resettable Blade 25A/14V 13 Sec.
BD280-1927-30-ND BD280-1927-30/16 Fuse Resettable Blade 30A/14V 13 Sec.