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LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors

LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors  -  A new connector for fluorescent ballast lighting applications provides a hot-pluggable disconnect to allow safe field servicing without exposing personnel to electrical shock hazards. Available in 2 or 3 position pre assembled mated connector sets or with factory installed flying leads. The connector accepts 18 AWG solid wire.
LIGHT-N-LOK Connectors
A97617-ND (2 Position)
A97691-ND (3 Position)
 • Available in 2 and 3 Position Sizes
 • Poke-In Termination for 18 AWG Solid Wire for Easy Tool-Less,
   Field or Factory Installation
 • Integral Strain Relief Prevents Inadvertent Wire Twist Out and Pull Out
 • Designed for Hot Plugging
 • Snag Resistant Rounded Housings
 • Compact Connector Housings: 2 position Assembly Fits Through a
   5/8” Diameter Knock-Out Opening; 3 Position Assembly Fits
   Through a 7/8” Diameter Knock-Out Opening
 • Connector Latches Prevent Unintentional Disconnect of Connector
 • Standard 3/8” Wire Strip Length
 • Can be Supplied as Pre-Assembled Mated Connector Sets with or
   without Factory Installed Flying Leads
 • Product is Marked (English/French) in Support of CSA Luminaire
   Labeling Requirements

 • Commercial Lighting Applications for UL2459
 • Meets New NEC and CEC Requirements