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Board-to-Board Screw Down Jumper Assembly

TE Connectivity jumper assembly specifically serves the solid-state lighting market

Board-to-Board Screw Down Jumper Assembly
Datasheet RoHS Compliant
TE Connectivity board-to-board screw down jumper assembly provides the electrical connection between two adjacent printed circuit boards in a string of printed circuit boards, simplifying the manufacturing process for LED lighting strips, lighting controls, and channel lettering.
  • 2-position connection assembly
  • Connector assembly attachment to adjacent printed circuit board via screw to heat sink fully seats electrical contacts against printed circuit board pads
  • Connector assembly fits onto 16.50mm [.650in] wide printed circuit board
  • 7.0mm [.276in] printed circuit board spacing
  • Registration features in connector assembly align with printed circuit board cutouts
  • #6 screw (not included) used to secure connector assembly to tapped hole in heat sink or base; should be zinc-plated or equivalent protective coating to avoid corrosion
  • Tube packaged assemblies

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Drawing
A100340-ND 2106154-1 CONN JUMPER 2POS BOARD TO BOARD 2106154-1 Drawing