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Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle
Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board Connectors


TE Connectivity and Digi-Key introduce fast, easy connectors for LED lighting applications

The TE Connectivity wire-to-board and board-to-board connectors — part of a family of hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connectors — are designed to make connecting of aluminum-clad printed circuit boards, commonly used for LED lighting applications that include lighting controls and LED light modules, faster and easier.

The plug connectors use tin-plated brass crimp-snap contacts for 18 to 22 AWG stranded wire and a 94 V-0 rated thermoplastic housing. They mate with board-mount connectors and feature positive latching for a secure connection.
Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board Connectors

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Features Applications
  • Available in 2, 4, and 6 positions
  • Positive latching
  • Connector accepts crimp snap contacts
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Contacts accept 18 – 22 AWG stranded wire
  • Contacts packaged on 24 inch reels for high speed lead termination
  • Housings are bulk packaged
  • LED lighting controls
  • LED lighting strips
  • Channel lettering

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Wire-to-Board Housings
Digi-Key P/N TE Connectivity P/N Positions Color Connector Type
A99890-ND 2058299-1 2 Natural Self Mating
A99891-ND 2058299-2 4 Natural Self Mating
A99892-ND 2058299-3 6 Natural Self Mating

Wire-to-Board Contacts
Digi-Key P/N TE Connectivity P/N Description
Cut Tape Tape & Reel
A99896CT-ND A99896TR-ND 2058301-1 Blade Contact
A99897CT-ND A99897TR-ND 2058302-1 Socket Contact

Board-to-Board Receptacle SMT Connectors with Latches
Digi-Key P/N TE Connectivity P/N Positions Color Connector Type
Cut Tape Tape & Reel Digi-Reel®
A99881CT-ND A99881TR-ND A99881DKR-ND 2058703-1 2 White Blade & Receptacle
A99882CT-ND A99882TR-ND A99882DKR-ND 2058703-2 4 White Blade & Receptacle
A99883CT-ND A99883TR-ND A99883DKR-ND 2058703-3 6 White Blade & Receptacle
A99884CT-ND A99884TR-ND A99884DKR-ND 1-2058703-1 2 Black Blade & Receptacle
A99885CT-ND A99885TR-ND A99885DKR-ND 1-2058703-2 4 Black Blade & Receptacle
A99886CT-ND A99886TR-ND A99886DKR-ND 1-2058703-3 6 Black Blade & Receptacle

Board-to-Board Dust Covers
Digi-Key P/N TE Connectivity P/N Position Color
A99887-ND 2058128-1 2 Natural
A99888-ND 2058128-2 4 Natural
A99889-ND 2058128-3 6 Natural

Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Board-to-Board Connector without Latch The Hermaphroditic Blade and Receptacle Connector without Latch
TE Connectivity hermaphroditic blade and receptacle connector without latch mates to itself and is capable of being articulated from 90° to 180°. This SMT connector intended for use with in-line board-to-board applications, including LED lighting modules, incandescent lighting strips and channel lettering. The connector is available in 2, 4 and 6 positions. Its low profile, flat surface is compatible with SMT and reflow processing.  More...