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HFT Series

Susumu's HFT Series - High Frequency Thermistors

High Frequency Thermistors from Susumu

Susumu's HFT series thermistors are capable of operating at frequencies higher than 10GHz. In general, thermistors decrease in resistance as frequency increases; however, the HFT series experiences less of a decrease in resistance than others.
  • Ideal for compensating temperature drift in high frequency amplifier applications.
  • Very stable Temperature characteristics from -20°C to +100°C from 0 to 10Ghz
  • Resistance value stays virtually the same from 10-15Ghz
  • Operational over 10Ghz
RoHS Compliant
Product Training Module (PTM): HFT Series Thermistor Product Training Module (PTM):HFT Series Thermistor

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Digi-Key P/N Susumu P/N Resistance @ 25°C B25/50  
408-1374-2-ND HFT1220-15R0-J 15Ω 1950K Datasheet
408-1375-2-ND HFT1220-30R0-J 30Ω 2150K Datasheet
408-1376-2-ND HFT1220-40R0-J 40Ω 2150K Datasheet
408-1377-2-ND HFT1220-50R0-J 50Ω 2150K Datasheet
408-1378-2-ND HFT1220-60R0-J 60Ω 2150K Datasheet