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SM Series

Stackpole Electronics offers many options in SM Series SMD molded wiremounds

While the current product offering from 1 to 3 W is well known, there have been some significant developments and capability improvements. The SM Series is being designed into several new applications where a higher power rating in a smaller package is needed. The SM 3A is a low profile device with low resistance values. It is a 3 W rated part in the same package as the SM 2 A, which is a 2 W device. By improving the materials and using special processing, Stackpole is able to create devices that outperform most similar competitive devices. Stackpole has also begun development of a larger 4 W SMD device in an 8035 size package. With improvements in materials and a slightly larger body size, the SM 5 is also in development. Stackpole has the ability to change the characteristics of the SM series and any other wirewound product to suit any customer need; whether it is a fusing characteristic, high inductance, low inductance, non-inductive or higher power in smaller packages.   Product Image
Product Image

Datasheet  Datasheet

- Water heaters - Welding equipment
- Power supplies for plasma cutters - Gas and diesel powered engine controls
- Electric meters - Utility meters
- Communications equipment - Power/Network/Phone distribution equipment
- Lighting - Thermostats and HVAC controls
The SM Series is also ideal for use in automatic engine and electric motor controls.

- High temperature molded encapsulation
- Flex termination for absorbing thermal expansion
- All welded construction
- Non-inductive types available as NSM
- RoHS Compliant/Lead free
RoHS Compliant