Announcing the Expansion of the CSNL Series

Metal Element Surface Mount Chip Resistors

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The CSNL Series of SMD metal element chip resistors are now available in 1206, and 2010 sizes as well as the previous 2512 size. In addition, the CSNL 2, which is the 2512 size, has an improved resistance value range down to 0.5 milliohms and up to 10 milliohms. This 100% RoHS compliant product series is available in 1% or 5% tolerances and with a TCR of 50 ppm.

This expansion greatly improves our existing current sensing chip resistor in that the CSNL can now be used for higher power or high current designs. These higher power and higher current designs are rapidly increasing. The higher the current or power supplied, the lower the resistance value must be to avoid significant power loss during the sensing, thereby reducing the efficiency of the power circuit itself.

Stackpole Series Package Type Power
Eielectric Withstanding Voltage Resistance Temperature Coefficient Ohmic Range and Tolerance  
1% 5%
CSNL 1/2 1206 1W 200V ±50 ppm/°C 0.001Ω - 0.01Ω 0.001Ω - 0.01Ω Datasheet Image
CSNL 1 2010 1.5W 200V ±50 ppm/°C 0.001Ω - 0.01Ω 0.001Ω - 0.01Ω Datasheet Image
CSNL 2 2512 2W 200V ±50 ppm/°C 0.0005Ω - 0.01Ω 0.0005Ω - 0.01Ω Datasheet Image
  Portable audio devices
  Portable battery management
  Voltage regulation modules
  Computers and power supplies
  Automotive electrical devices

Product Training Module - On Line, On Demand
Product Training Module (PTM)
  High Power Current Sense Resistors
  High Power Current Sense Resistors
  Resistances down to 0.0005 (1/2 milliΩ)
  RoHS compliant / lead-free
  TCR down to ±50 ppm/°C
  Current handling to 63 amps
  Non-standard resistance values available