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MDmesh V Series Mosfets

STMicroelectronics MDmesh V Series

STMicroelectronics and Digi-Key introduce MDmesh V power MOSFETs

Exceptional 650V series of MOSFETs, the MDmesh V is a revolutionary Power MOSFET technology which combines an innovative proprietary vertical process with ST's PowerMESH™ horizontal layout. The MDmesh V design offers an extremely low on-resistance that is unmatched among silicon-based Power MOSFETs. These devices are highly suitable for applications requiring superior power density and high efficiency.

Features Advantages
  • Higher VDSS rating
  • Highly robust devices from multiple drain diffusion process
  • RoHS Compliant
  • High dv/dt capability
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Easy to drive
  • Low Rds in T0220 and D2-PAK package
  • Excellent switching performance
  • Lower conduction losses
  • Elevated energy savings

Digi-Key P/N Vendor P/N Mounting Type Description
497-8769-1-ND STB42N65M5 Surface Mount MOSFET N-CH 650V 33A D2PAK
497-8895-5-ND STF42N65M5 Through Hole MOSFET N-CH 650V 33A TO-220FP
497-8791-5-ND STP42N65M5 Through Hole MOSFET N-CH 650V 33A TO-220
497-8796-5-ND STW42N65M5 Through Hole MOSFET N-CH 650V 33A TO-247
497-10589-5-ND STW77N65M5 Through Hole MOSFET N-CH 650V 69A TO-247
497-11236-5-ND STY112N65M5 Through Hole MOSFET N-CH 650V 93A MAX247