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CXP Optical Cable Assemblies

Low-profile optical cable assemblies from Molex offer improved fiber management

CXP Optical Cable Assemblies ImageMolex's low-profile CXP optical 4.50mm round cable assemblies offer improved fiber management over traditional flat cables for connecting CXP transceivers. The CXP cable utilizes 24 fibers and industry standard MTP/MPO connectors, 12 transmit (TX) and 12 receive (RX), and 10 Gbps high bandwidth (OM3) fiber. This design meets the InfiniBand bandwidth requirements for CXP modules spaced up to 300.00m (984.25’).

Molex’s CXP optical cable assemblies are part of the iPass+ HSC CXP system, which is the latest addition to the existing iPass product family. The iPass Interconnect System offers connectors and cables that enable flexible speed compatibility for applications ranging from 1 to 10Gbps and is an ideal solution for the growing server/storage market. Molex provides a complete CXP solution with cable assemblies and loopbacks.
Product Training Module (PTM): CXP Series Product Training Module (PTM): CXP Series
• MTP/MPO CXP connector interface meets CXP interface specifications
• Low-profile, round cable design with 360° cable-routing capability for improved cable management over flat cable
• Up to 10 Gbps data rate capability provides optimized bandwidth by application
• RoHS compliant to meet environmental requirements for electronic equipment and accessories

• Networking
- NIC cards and servers
- Switches
- Routers
- Network Attached Storage (NAS)
• Data centers
- Controller cards and servers
- Switches
- Blades
- Storage attached networks (SAN)
• High-performance computing
- Controller cards and servers
- Switches
- Direct attached storage (DAS)

Digi-Key P/N Molex P/N Description Length Datasheet
WM8548-ND 111025-1200 CABLE ASSY CXP 84POS MALE .5M 1.64' (500.00mm) Datasheet
WM8549-ND 111025-1201 CABLE ASSY CXP 84POS MALE 1M 3.28' (1.00m) Datasheet
WM8550-ND 111025-1205 CABLE ASSY CXP 84POS MALE 5M 16.40' (5m) Datasheet
WM8551-ND 76105-0584 BOARD TO BOARD CON RA 84POS N/A Datasheet
WM8547-ND 76024-0568 CONN RCPT 168POS DUAL R/A N/A Datasheet