ROHM Chip Resistors

Product Image ROHM, pioneer of the chip resistor, continues to develop resistors that meet the demands of even the most discerning customer. Promptly responding to market needs, ROHM has developed products that place an emphasis on compactness, performance, reliability, power, and thinness.

ROHM has recently added the industry's first square chip resistors and chip resistor networks geared specifically for IT equipment to its broad lineup of resistor products, which include the world's smallest resistors - the MCR006 series, the high reliability and high surge resistance ESR series, and the high voltage resistance KTR series.

Anti-Surge Chip Resistors (ESR Series)

Voltage-load local concentration is prevented by ROHM's unique designing of resistive element configuration and trimming. Also , ROHM’s highly precise resistive element printing and trimming technologies boost surge-resistance characteristics and achieve high resistance accuracy.
 •  ESD resistance guaranteed up to 3kV.
 •  Further enhanced rated power than the conventional products. Only ROHM guarantees 0.2W for 1608 (0603) size.
 •  Low resistance tolerance ±5% is achieved in the whole lineup.
 •  Operating Temperature Range : -55°C to +155°C
 •  Circuits requiring high rated power.
 •  Best suited for blocking surge voltage from power supplies.
 •  Electronic circuits in general.
 •  Automotive appliances in general.
Part Number Size Power Tolerance
ESR03EZPJ 0603 1/5W ±5%
ESR10EZPJ 0805 1/4W ±5%
ESR18EZPJ 1206 1/3W ±5%

High Voltage Resistance Chip Resistors (KTR Series)

A proprietary resistive element configuration, combined with a novel trimming pattern, results in twice the voltage resistance of standard products (i.e. MCR series)
 •  Twice the maximum element voltage of our standard MCR series resistors
KTR03(350V), KTR10(400V), KTR18(500V).
 •  Contributes to greater energy efficiency
(one piece of KTR can substitute for several pieces of standard chip resistors used as a voltage divider, because of its high breakdown voltage level).
 •  Operating Temperature Range : -55°C to +155°C
 •  Camera flash circuits.
 •  Display backlight inverter circuits.
 •  Other applications containing voltage dividing circuits requiring high voltage resistance components.
Part Number Size Power Tolerance
KTR10EZPJ 0805 1/8W ±5%
KTR18EZPJ 1206 1/4W ±5%

Ultra Compact Chip Resistors (MCR006 Series)

0603-sized ultra-compact chip resistors available with D class (±0.5%) characteristics.
 •  Small.
 •  High precision.
 •  Operating Temperature Range : -55°C to +155°C
 •  Compact electronics equipment such as mobile phones and DSCs.
Part Number Size Power Tolerance
MCR006YZPF 0603 1/20W ±1%
MCR006YZPJ 0603 1/20W ±5%

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