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BL4S SBC Series Single-Board Computer

Rabbit Semiconductor and Digi-Key introduce BL4S100, BL4S110, BL4S150, BL4S160 models

BL4S SBC Single-Board Computer
The BL4S SBC family is a low-cost Rabbit® 4000 microprocessor based single-board computer series that delivers ZigBee and Ethernet capability. On-board ZigBee RF modules offer mesh networking functionality to make networking easy to deploy and simple to maintain. With both Ethernet and ZigBee connectivity integrated, the series delivers a low-cost platform to design a ZigBee enabled Ethernet network.

The series is designed to support the rapidly-increasing use of ZigBee connectivity for companies looking to deploy wireless networking. Digi International’s ZigBee RF modules are compatible with ZigBee PRO compliant devices from other manufacturers, providing great flexibility in choices of nodes to include in the network. Build feature-rich web pages that allow control and monitoring of ZigBee enabled networks by using ZigBee AT and API command libraries. With two available RS-232 ports, eight analog inputs and 20 Digital I/O lines, the BL4S100 is well suited to handle a wide range of applications requiring ZigBee connectivity.

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Features & Applications
Features Applications
  • Rabbit® 4000 microprocessor running at 40 MHz
  • ZigBee enabled
  • 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • 20 digital I/O
  • 3 serial ports
  • 8 analog inputs
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Watchdog supervisor
  • Screw-terminal connectors
  • Monitoring and control for intelligent building automation
  • Asset tracking and management for commercial and industrial applications
  • 10Base-T Ethernet connectivity
  • Energy monitoring and management
    BL4S SBC Datasheet

  • Easily monitor and control ZigBee networks with feature-rich web applications using a Rabbit web server
  • Dynamic C® libraries provide ready support for AT and API commands
  • Full interoperability with other ZigBee PRO feature set based devices
  • Integrated hardware and software solution reduces overall development time and costs
  • ZigBee to Ethernet gateway functionality
  • Optional Rabbit Embedded Security Module offers secure data transfer with AES encryption, and SSL/TLS for embedded web security


Model BL4S100 BL4S110 BL4S150 BL4S160
Microprocessor Rabbit® 4000 @ 40.00 MHz
Ethernet interface 10Base-T
ZigBee® interface ZigBee PRO Feature Set ZigBee PRO Feature Set
Serial flash memory (program) 1 MB 2 MB
Program execution SRAM 512 KB 1 MB
Data SRAM 512 KB
Backup battery Panasonic CR2032 or equivalent 3 V lithium coin type, 235 mA·h standard, socket-mounted
Digital inputs 12: protected to ±36 V DC, switching threshold 1.4 V/1.9 V typical
Digital outputs 8: sink up to 200 mA each, 36 V DC max.
Watchdog/Supervisor Yes
Power 9–36 V DC, 2 W max.
Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
Board size 3.75" × 5.75" × 0.64" (96 mm × 146 mm × 16 mm)

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Digi-Key P/N Vendor P/N Description
316-1168-ND 20-101-1255 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S100
316-1169-ND 20-101-1256 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S110
316-1170-ND 20-101-1257 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S150
316-1171-ND 20-101-1258 COMPUTER SINGLE-BOARD BL4S160