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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Panasonic and Digi-Key introduce the FP and TP Series

Panasonic TP Series Capacitor Panasonic FP Series Capacitor Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for input smoothing circuits used on commercial voltages (100 VAC, 200 VAC) and commercial frequencies (60 Hz, 50 Hz) have a high withstand voltage and a ripple current resistance complying with twice the commercial frequency (normally full-wave current). These capacitors have large volumes (ground contact areas) compared to other components they are assembled with and so demand for more compact capacitors, as well as power supplies, is strong.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for output smoothing are designed to have low impedance at 20k-500kHz, and the recent development of a low resistance electrolyte using new materials has resulted in products with 1/3 to 1/4 the impedance of conventional products with the same volume. These low impedance products also have an extremely stable life.

Features Applications
  • Low ESR
  • Vibration-proof product available upon request
  • RoHS directive compliant
  • Power supply circuits
  • Audio equipment
  • Inverters
  • Air bag
  • Welders
  • Strobes

  • Specifications FP Series TP Series
    Category temperature range –55 °C to +105°C –40°C to +125°C
    Rated W.V. range 6.3 VDC to 50 VDC 10 VDC to 35 VDC
    Nominal capacitance range 10 μF to 1800 μF 47 μF to 470 μF
    Capacitance tolerance ±20 % (120Hz/+20°C) ±20 % (120 Hz/+20°C)
    DC leakage current I < 0.01 CV or 3 (μA) after 2 minutes I < 0.01 CV (μA) after 2 minutes
    Endurance 2000 h at 105°C (FP) 3000 h at 125°C(D8 size : 2000 h)