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Electric Double Layer Capacitor

Panasonic and Digi-Key introduce the RF/RG Series Gold Capacitor

Panasonic RF/RG Series Capacitor The electric double layer capacitor uses a physical mechanism that generates an electric double layer to perform the function of dielectric. The charge-discharge factor in the element of electric double layer capacitors is an ion absorption layer, which is formed on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes of activated carbon to utilize absorption-desorption reactions.

There are two types of electrolytes used in electric double layer capacitors. One type is water soluble and the other is non-water soluble. The non-water soluble electrolyte can increase the withstand voltage per one cell compared to water soluble electrolyte. Panasonic's Gold Capacitors are constructed with non-water soluble electrolyte, and feature a small size and light weight.

Gold capacitors are frequently used as substitutions for secondary batteries because of their small size and high capacitance offering. Additionally, gold capacitors have been in the spotlight as a hybrid power supply system for their use with solar cells.

Features Applications
  • Endurance: 85°C 2000 h
  • Can be discharged mA current
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Gas, water, watt-hour meter
  • Server

  • Specifications RF Series RG Series
    Category temperature range -25 to +85°C -25 to +85°C
    Maximum operating voltage 3.6 VDC    5.5 VDC 3.6V DC
    Nominal capacitance range 0.68F 1.0F
    Capacitance tolerance -20 to +80% -20 to +80%
    Internal resistance at 1kHz 20Ω 20Ω

    Digi-Key P/N Vendor P/N Series Description Voltage Capacitance
    P14152-ND EEC-RF0H684 RF CAP .68F 5.5V GOLD RF RADIAL 5.5 0.68
    P14153-ND EEC-RF0V684 RF CAP .68F 3.6V GOLD RF RADIAL 3.6 0.68
    P14154-ND EEC-RG0V105H RG CAP 1F 3.6V GOLD RG TYPE HORZ 3.6 1.0
    P14155-ND EEC-RG0V105V RG CAP 1F 3.6V GOLD RG TYPE VERT 3.6 1.0