SolarMagic ICs for Smart PV Systems

National's complete, end-to-end solutions for the solar PV ecosystem

National Semiconductor - SolarMagic ICs for Smart PV Systems Leveraging National Semiconductor's system-level expertise in understanding the entire photovoltaic (PV) system - from panels to grid - combined with industry leading design, process and packaging technology, National Semiconductor has developed a line of ICs that raise the IQ of these systems and help maximize the ROI for the end users and the partners in between.

The SolarMagic IC product portfolio includes solutions that help lower the cost of PV arrays by integrating the electronics that process power for distribution, condition signals for communication, increase safety of solar arrays, and help maintain maximum power from individual panels. PV systems have historically been designed with limited electronics, mostly concentrated in the centralized DC/AC inverter. Leveraging National Semiconductor's system level expertise in understanding the entire system, from the panels to the grid, combined with industry leading design/process/packaging technology, this line of ICs raises the IQ of systems and helps maximize the ROI for the end users and the partners in between.

   Features    Applications
  • Microinverter, power optimizer, and charge controller reference designs for quick time to market
  • Renewable energy grade qualification process for demanding solar environments
  • High efficiency help PV arrays recover lost energy up to 75% and additional energy harvest up to 25%
  • Applications and Reference designs
  • Module level power optimizers
  • Microinverters
  • Charge controllers
  • PV safety
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Smart balance of system (BOS) solutions

Available in Tape & Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND)
Digi-Key Part Number National Semiconductor
Part Number
SM72501E/NOPBCT-ND SM72501E/NOPB   Precision, CMOS Input, RRIO,
  Wide Supply Range Amplifier, SOT-23-5
SM72501 Datasheet
SM72482E/NOPBCT-ND SM72482E/NOPB   Dual 5A Compound Gate Driver SOIC-8 SM72482 Datasheet
SM72295E/NOPBCT-ND SM72295E/NOPB   Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver SOIC-28 SM72295 Datasheet
SM72480E/NOPBCT-ND SM72480E/NOPB   1.6V, Temp Switch & Temp Sensor 6-LLP SM72480 Datasheet
SM72238E/NOPBCT-ND SM72238E/NOPB   5V Micropower Voltage Regulator TO-252-3 SM72238 Datasheet
SM72442E/NOPBCT-ND SM72442E/NOPB   Programmable Max Power Point Tracking Controller
  for Photovoltaic Solar Panels 28-TSSOP
SM72442 Datasheet
SM72485E/NOPBCT-ND SM72485E/NOPB   100V, 150 mA Constant On-Time Buck
  Switching Regulator 8-LLP
SM72485 Datasheet